This ventilator is used to achieve optimum climatic conditions in piggeries primarily in the summer season, when temperatures can go very high. The ventilator makes air flow round the animals, which relieves their fatigue from overheating. Due to air circulation in the room, climatic conditions become more balanced and are therefore more comfortable for the animals.

The ventilator is installed at the minimum hight of 2.5 meters at an angle between 10 – 12°, which provides for optimum air circulation within the given space. The ventilator diameter is 130 cm, resulting in very high air volumes of 48,500 m3/hr at pressure 0 Pa. Achieving air flow to a distance of up to 146 meters, the actual efficiency is very high, while the power consumption is only 26.2W per 1000 m3/hr.

To achieve optimum climatic conditions, it is recommended that ventilators be installed with 12 to 14 meter spacing. Nevertheless, the number of rows and ventilators needed for a particular space area depends on the number of animals in the house, the structure of the building, as well as local climatic conditions. The associated low noise level allows creating undisturbed environment for both the animals and their keepers.

For safety reasons, the ventilator three-blade rotors are fitted with safety basket strainers on both sides. The ventilator is easy to install on the building ceiling.  As special strap is used, it is not necessary to tighten belting additionally.

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