AGRIVAN Elevated Pig Pens

In farrowing pens, the floor section designated for piglets is made of plastic grating providing for adequate thermal comfort for the piglets. In addition, there is a heating channel installed in the pen, usually located in the “burrow” for the piglets.

On the other hand, the flooring grating used for sows is made of cast iron as its surface is, among other, suitable for their proper musculoskeletal development and condition. Greater thermal conductivity of this floor grating results in a cooler surface, which benefits the good condition of the sow’s mammary gland. The floor grating mats are either inserted between the plastic ones or laid flat. In the latter case, there is a height difference of 12 mm between the piglet floor and sow floor (a so-called “STEP SYSTEM”). An advantage of this system is good access to the lower teats of the sow for piglets.

The pen sizes depend on the dimensions of trays, which can be 1800 x 2400mm or 1800x2600mm. The actual tray is made from plastic or fiberglass. The pen walls comprise of plastic boards set in steel galvanized or stainless steel profiles.  
The height of the barrowing pen enclosing walls is 500 mm (2 plastic boards DUR 200/30 + 1 3/4“ ZN pipe). The front wall must be higher for mounting a barrowing box in order to anchor the box properly.

Standard equipment of the farrowing pen includes a barrowing box with either fixed or tilting trough. The trough can be made from stainless steel, plastic or polymer-concrete; PVC 125 duct to remove slurry up to the gate valve.

The minimum length of a trough for a sow is 375 mm, its minimum width is 350 mm, and the minimum height of the feeding edge is 250 mm. The minimum height of a bowl waterer is 250 mm, and the minimum height of an inclined nozzle waterer is 550 mm.

The minimum height of bowl waterers for nursed piglets is 100 mm and the minimum height of an inclined nozzle waterer is 180 mm. A waterer used for nursed piglets should be located in the rear part of the pen, above the floor grate. 

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