Air outlet


MULTIFAN axial ventilators are made from the most suited materials. The ventilator engine casing, bracing and mounting board are from cast aluminum and thus resistant to corrosion. The ventilator blades are made from high-quality plastic material (nylon and polypropylene reinforced with glass fibers). The cover is from special, self-snuffing plastic, which is also impact-resistant. Its protection lattice is zinc-galvanized and passivated. All materials, including the drive and special lubricant for ball bearings, are resilient to temperatures of up to 155°C. The ball bearing runs silently and all mounts are made of high-quality steel.

MULTIFAN ventilators can be installed vertically or horizontally.  Their supply air delivery can be regulated smoothly by changing the fan's revolutions based on the grid voltage or by changing the size of the opening for air intake or outlet. We deliver fans from across the entire product line for either single-phase or three-phase voltage supply.

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