Air supply

Air supply

Air is supplied to the animal house inner space via air flap valves (translucent, opaque), controlled manually or automatically.

The inlet flap cross section area and configuration are calculated using a special technical formula, based on the particular stabling room configuration.

The flap valves are located in the external walls of the building to receive air from the outside, or in wall separating the central hallway and the chamber for supply of conditioned air from the central hallway.
The valve can be post-fitted with bottom-attached unit controlled manually or automatically to channel air into the animal zone during warm weather.
By default, all flap valves are fitted with a lattice.

Control via drawing rods or a servo-motor. Linear servo-drives are intended to control air-conditioning suction flap valves. The linear servo-drive is linked to a control unit that controls the functioning of the equipment based on pre-set programming so the opening and closing of air-conditioning flap-valves is regulated continually.

Servo-drives are fit for humid environment.

They work on safe voltage of 24 V DC.
They are fitted with position sensors and adjustable end-limit switches.
They perform reliably in an environment within the range of -30° C and + 60° C.

Lineární servopohon - prohlášení o shodě

Lineární servopohon - prohlášení o shodě
Velikost: 240 kB

LIneární servopohon AG 18 a 24 - návod k používání a obsluze

LIneární servopohon AG 18 a 24 - návod k používání a obsluze
Velikost: 529 kB

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