Animal house technologies

Pig breeding

Wash boxes

Shower boxes are used to clean sows mechanically and for these purposes, it is possible to add a disinfection solution. The box walls are all-plastic, which means they are easy to wash, set in a...
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Checking scales

The weighing system comprises of a galvanized steel structure of pass-through type, in which the side walls are partially of plastic boards and the flooring is of plastic grating. The actual weighing...
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Testing boxes

The testing box is made of a galvanized steel structure, which is mounted on wheels to allow easy manipulation in all directions on practically any plane. The wheels can be secured against...
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Rendering trolleys

The trolley comprises of a welded galvanized steel structure of a special design that allows easy manipulating with a dead animal. The trolley serves to transport the corpse from the animal house to...
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Tanks for liquids

Whey tank Whey is used for the feeding of pigs in wet feeding. Whey is stored in polypropylene tanks that can have a volume capacity ranging from 1 to 5 cubic meters. Depending on the number of...
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Entertainment  toy

Entertainment toy

for piglets with hygien.atest
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