Automatic feeding boxes COMPIDENT

Automatic feeding boxes COMPIDENT

 Compident is an automatic computer-controlled feeding station of walk-through type, with exists on the left or on the right. This feeding station allows to dose dry food with automatic addition of water or liquid food and is primarily used in sow stalls to batch fodder individually and accurately, but can also be easily used in gilt stalls.

The feeding station is designed as pass-through. The rear closing is a controlled entrance door that opens automatically by electropneumatics at the pre-programmed feeding times. After a sow has entered, the door closes automatically.

The middle part contains identification and turning trough that, after the sow is identified, is filled with a preset quantity of fodder and tilts into the station. An electropneumatic batching turnstile gradually batches out the fodder for sows.

The front closing is a spring-loaded entrance door. In connection with this door, the station may be optionally fitted with a selection unit that allows for automatic selection of sows from the herd. Selection door is controlled with a pop-out roller. In the event of a blackout, the door automatically returns to its original position. In such a case the selection door must be in such a position that allows the sow go and join the main group, certainly not go into the selection box.

Processor computer controlled feeding station for sows comprises of:

  • Feeding station
  • Compident Feed Computer
  • Pneumatic unit

There are two types of transmitters available for sow identification:

  • The sow is injected a TIRIS injectat behind her ear.
  • Ear chip - AF is placed on the inside of her ear.

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