Burrows for piglets

Burrows for piglets

We offer burrows of the following types:


  • for piglets in farrowing pens in sow farrowing houses
  • for weaned piglets

The purpose of these burrows is to create optimum microclimate for sucker piglets and shoats.  It is possible to use heating panels to heat the burrow area, where the heating medium may be either electricity or hot water. Apart from that, piglet burrows may be heated electrically with infra-lamp or infra-radiator located in the upper board of the burrow.

The burrow lid is fitted with a sliding window that serves for the visual inspection of piglets and, primarily, for the optimization of air circulation in the burrow area.
Piglet burrows are made from polypropylene. In pig husbandries with half-grating stabling, the burrows are installed in the non-grated part of the pen.

Doupata pro selata - návod k používání a obsluze

Doupata pro selata - návod k používání a obsluze
Velikost: 770 kB

Doupata pro selata - Atest

Doupata pro selata - Atest
Velikost: 315 kB

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