Cattle Breeding

Newly included in our range of products are all products and services needed to breed cattle. High-quality make and corresponding surface finish - these are the benefits of the components we deliver for your cattle stalls. In manufacturing equipment for cattle husbandries, emphasis is given to the sturdiness and durability life of bedding boxes, trough barriers, self-constraining structures, gates, drinking troughs and other components. Equipment can be complemented with reliable manure scrapers and stable ventilation for the required air exchange. We provide either partial technology deliveries for cattle husbandries or comprehensive solutions for farms, including building structures and manure removal systems.

Cattle Breeding

Cattle separating structures

We manufacture and install separating structures for all categories of cattle (cows, heifers, calves, cattle feeding, cows not used for commercial milk production, breeder bulls) and all housing...
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Watering troughs, drinkers

Our range of products includes stable watering troughs and drinkers (heated drinkers included) for all cattle categories. Watering troughs may be of tilting or fixed make, typically offering good...
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Stall ventilation

Sufficient air inflow but without undesired draught flow, is provided by well-dimensioned side openings, fitted with draft-preventing supporting screen and roll tarpaulin. The air outlet in newly...
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Grates under cattle

Products supplied by our company comply with all regulations and standards, as well as with the needs of animals by particular categories.
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Slurry and manure removal

Selecting the appropriate removal system is one of the most important factors in the functioning of the entire animal house. We deliver reliable scrapers (cable, chain, hydraulic) for bedding-free or...
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Mats and floor panels

Products in our range on offer comply with all regulations and standards, as well as with the needs of animals by individual categories. Floor panels are intended both for through passages, milking...
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Feeding mixture conveyors

These conveyors are designed to transport food from the grainery to the points of feeding. We can deliver disk conveyors, spiral conveyors or screw conveyors for cattle breeding.
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Stable accessories

The range of stable accessories for cattle includes rubbing posts and weighing scales. Rubbing posts provide higher comfort for animals in the stable. The rubbing posts (poles) are designed for...
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Structures for beef cattle

We can deliver the structural part of buildings (surface-treated steel structures with insulation envelope), including projection.
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