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Storing of whole-grain maize

The utilization of high-yield potential of maize grown in our region for its grain has long failed to bring the desired economic effect due to the cost of the drying of grain harvested in higher humidity conditions. The standard water content in October, which is the harvesting period, normally ranges between 30 and 35% and any lower values are exceptional, only achieved on very sunny, dry days.

The harvesting of wet maize grain with subsequent milling and storing in tower silos brought a completely new dimension to maize growing and made maize one of most cost-effective crops. The processing cost is negligible compared to the cost of drying.

In addition to the potential of achieving much greater yield of highly producing pig fodder from a seeded area compared to cereals (wheat, barley), there are also other positives across the entire system:

  • advantage of using maize hybrids of higher FAO number that bring better yield possibility to use slurry for additional fertilizing of maize during vegetation, leading to earlier harvest.    

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