Feeding technologies

Pig breeding

Fodder volume batchers

A fodder volume batcher is a machine that provides accurate batching of complete feeding mixture up to the volume of 8 liters of dry fodder. The batchers are fastened to the dry fodder conveyor...
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Liquid feeding

Computer-controlled liquid feeding This equipment assures accurate batching of fodder quantity, possibility of formula compositions and pump-driven delivery of liquid fodder to individual feeding...
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SPOTMIX feeding

SPOTMIX is a technology used to batch fodder accurately, with possibility of formula composition and air-driven delivery of dry food to individual feeding stations. This technology also allows the...
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Automatic feeding boxes COMPIDENT

 Compident is an automatic computer-controlled feeding station of walk-through type, with exists on the left or on the right. This feeding station allows to dose dry food with automatic addition...
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Waterers and medicators

Waterers are used to supply the required daily amount of fluids to individual animals but they can also administrate medication. Depending on the type, waterers are: float waterers, bowl waterers,...
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