Fodder volume batchers

A fodder volume batcher is a machine that provides accurate batching of complete feeding mixture up to the volume of 8 liters of dry fodder.

The batchers are fastened to the dry fodder conveyor distributing tube that supplies individual volume batchers.  They are especially designed to allow for very simple setting of the required amount of dry fodder, to be resistant to wear and tear from fodder filling, and to assure perfect closure of the valve, thus saving fodder and preventing fodder buildup in the valve when in the open position.

Each batcher can be adjusted separately to provide as much as the maximum volume, i.e. 6 or 8 liters of fodder, depending on the type. This allows the setting of individual fodder amounts for animals in separate pens or boxes and thus better harmony with their nutritional condition and shape. The amount of dry fodder for filling all batchers connected to the corresponding conveyor, which is fitted with a sensor controlling the filling of all batchers on the given conveyor branch, is ready for release through a downtake tube to the feed-trough.

Dry fodder can be released either individually for particular batchers or it can be done based on individual rows, sections or as required by the customer. To control rows or sections, individual batch controlling elements are connected with a steel cable to the corresponding central controller of that particular section. The release mechanism controller may be manual (crank-handle winch) or automatic (servo-motor).  This substantially simplifies the necessary manipulation, lowers the traffic in the animal house and improves productivity of labor.

AGRICO s.r.o. installs these volume batchers to interoperate with the AGRIMAT 60 Fodder Conveyor or AGRISPIR Spiral Conveyor.

Objemový dávkovač - návod k používání a obsluze

Objemový dávkovač - návod k používání a obsluze
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