This working machine trailer connects to a tractor; there are two type designations: VAKUMAT 12 and VAKUMAT 15 and it is used to spatter, pump and transport liquid manure, slurry, fecal solids and other farming sewage. The machine comprises of a self-supporting steel tank mounted on a tandem steerable axle. The tank is bolted to the axle. The machine may be used for spread manuring of gardens, fields and meadows with liquid manure or fecal solids but it can also be used for irrigation, spraying or transport of sanitary water.

Substance contained in the tank is applied by spattering via adjusted end pieces, jets or nozzles. Such end-pieces are attached either to the back tank cap/release outlet with quick-clamps or they are fastened to the machine and pin out in the rear of the tank – see the machine description.

A special type of the machine is equipped with a, so-called, slurry gun, which is usually carried in the rear upper part of the tank and provides for spread spattering at a changeable angle.

The machine is also equipped with an outlet to connect 52mm fire hoses so it can be used in a fire-fighting action or to wash roads.

The machine is designed for attachment behind any tractor equipped with a hitch for single-axle semi-trailer with the maximum vertical static load as shown in the technical data of the given type.

The tractor used with this set must be dimensioned adequately, both in terms of weight and power. The machine is intended for use with tractors of power class three, i.e. for tractors with a nominal engine power in the range of 150 – 300 hp and the conditions and parameters set in the tractive vehicle certificate of registration and the provisions of law n. 56/2001 Coll., on road traffic, must be complied with.

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