The pen partitioning walls are designed based on the category of animals to be stabled. The construction is always such so as to comply with requirements on sufficient strength, durability, and good washability, while also preventing injury to the animals. 

These pens are used to stable:
- sows in gestation
- piglets
- fattening pigs
- gilts and not yet mated boars
- boars

- hot-dip galvanized
- stainless steel

The use of particular type or size depends on the size and make of the pen and the category of stabled animals. Materials used as required by the customer.



Particular types of pens are assembled individually in compliance with the applicable regulation, with a view to lower the risk of injury to animals, and can be made of:

- steel piping of 33.7 mm diameter, hot-dip galvanized on the inside and outside
- plastic boards of the following sizes:


height (mm) width (mm)

200                  30

200                  40

250                  30

500                  35

- plastic, broken-axis profile of dimensions 75 mm x 40 mm

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