Pig and piglet breeding

We offer advanced technologies for pig breeding and fattening. We can deliver a complex solution for your stalls or just single elements from our system for piglet rearing or pig fattening.

Fish farming and fishing tackle

For fish farming and fisheries, we produce and sell facilities for Fish-Spotmix feeding, which is suitable for feeding salmonids.

Poultry farming and feeding

For poultry farming, we deliver complete process systems or just their parts for layer breeding in enhanced cages, aviaries and layer breeding with free movement on bedding, as well as the corresponding technologies for hen breeding and the breeding and fattening of broilers.

Cattle breeding

Our range of products includes all products and services for cattle breeding. Our systems will provide stall fencing for all cattle categories, floor mats and panels, grates for cattle, watering troughs, heated waterers or cow brushes. To assure a good-quality comfort in the stall, we offer ventilators, humidifiers and side roller covers and screens.
Grain processing and storage
Our company delivers technologies for the processing and storage of grain and whole-grain maize. Our assortment offers all products necessary to process grains, ranging from Redler conveyors, elevators and grain conveyors to grain cleaners and dryers, as well as fodder mix blenders and grain crushers.
Slurry processing
Our business has included technologies for slurry processing and disposal since the beginnings of our company. Our range of products includes slurry storage tanks, submersible sludge pumps, rotary pumps, slurry applicators, as well as fiberglass tank containers for slurry.
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