18.12.2009 | 

Realization plastic troughs AGRICO

in combination with all-plastic walls Western farm pigs (Germany, Netherlands)More »

13.11.2009 | 

Open Day at the stable fattening pigs in Croatia (12.11.2009)

This week was held for those interested in open day in Croatian Slavonia. A number of candidates they could see new facilities built and equipped AGRIC operation fattening pigs.More »

13.11.2009 | 

stock clearance sale gas heaters at bargain prices (11.11.2009)

Winter is approaching, we offer the opportunity to buy heaters for propane or natural gas More »

05.11.2009 | 

Completion of the feed and supply system for fattening ducks (05.11.2009)

Automatic feeding and watering system to a private duck broilers fattening farm in South BohemiaMore »

03.11.2009 | 

Article from Annex agrarian horizon No.19 (03.11.2009)

the extension of the company on technology for poultry, with emphasis on enriched cagesMore »

Download: agr-obzor-192009-1.pdf (846 kB) Article from Annex agrarian horizon No.19 (03.11.2009)
30.10.2009 | 

Our products in the fishing harvest

In the autumn harvesting using large and small fishermen our new products. Often formed is with their help and therefore are satisfied with themMore »

15.10.2009 | 

Inauguration Faculty of Fisheries at the University of South Bohemia

13 October was inaugurated Faculty of Fisheries at the University of South Bohemia. At this inauguration was be presented at the Research Institute of Fisheries experimentation in Vodnany our products - circular rearing tanks for aquaculture.More »

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