One-chamber Agriselekt is used for the gradual selection of animals fattened in large groups based on the “Ad libitum” system.
The automatic check scale is intended for cycle outstocking of large groups of animals and their preparing for loading.

The robust construction of the box and door, as well as convenient setting of the automatic mode, allow for fast, accurate weight-based selection.

The safety and minimum stress for the animals is assured by the resilient and well-enough vigorous operation of the entry, exit and emergency doors, which are actuated with compressed air.

Supply voltage - 230 V AC
Power input - 180 W
Current - 0,8 A
Operating air pressure - 40-60 bar
Optimum presetting from the production – 50 bar
Maximum selection rate – 6 sec.

After the animal enters the box, the light lock is activated, door n. 1 closes and is blocked automatically. After door n. 1 closes, the magnetic sensor located on its roll starts the selection based on preset requirements and the actual weight of the animal.

The Agriselekt automatics perform the following steps:
Acquires weight
Switches the scale electronic filter to the preset (high) value to eliminate any potential restlessness of the animal
Weighs the animal, programmer 2 saves the weighed value of conforming animal to memory and the corresponding section door opens.
After the animal has left the selection box, upon the door closing:
regulator 1 scans and saves the animal to memory (based on its actual weight)
sets the scales to zero

As door no. 1 was open and there is an animal in the preparation box, the closing of the selection door initiates the opening of door n. 2.
If there is no animal in the preparation box, door n. 2 remains closed until another animal comes in.
The unbroken operation continues by another animal entering in.

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