SPOTMIX feeding

SPOTMIX feeding

SPOTMIX is a technology used to batch fodder accurately, with possibility of formula composition and air-driven delivery of dry food to individual feeding stations.

This technology also allows the batching of fodder in consistence ranging from pasty to wet, using a "Spotmix - blending head" that blends the fodder premix with water and the mixture is further delivered to a trough; the blending head and distributor are purged with air and water mist after having released fodder.

Spotmix can be used:

  • to transport food to a feeding station at a distance of up to 200 meters
  • to dose individual components precisely with accuracy  up to ± 20g
  • with minimum quantity per one feeding point - 1 kg
  • The delivery capacity of the unit is more than 1.000 kg fodder per hour
  • Rotary distributor can control 6 feeding points
  • Automatic administration of medicaments for individual feeding points as needed
  • Automatic cleaning assures sanitary cleaning of the distributor and tubing to the respective feeding point by air and water mist purging

Spotmix further allows mixing any selected content of dry mass:

  • Batching virtually dry fodder
  • Batching moisturized fodder as required by the operator
  • Batching wet food as required by the operator for better fodder scattering in a long trough (using the mixer head, ratio can be set to 1:1)

Spotmix allows arbitrary mixing and sizing of batches:

  • Setting of daily amounts of energy and proteins for each animal or group
  • Primarily for multiphase feeding for ad libit sensor feeding    
SPOTMIX - prohlášení o shodě

SPOTMIX - prohlášení o shodě
Velikost: 402 kB

SPOTMIX - návod k používání a obsluze

SPOTMIX - návod k používání a obsluze
Velikost: 260 kB

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