Testing boxes

The testing box is made of a galvanized steel structure, which is mounted on wheels to allow easy manipulation in all directions on practically any plane. The wheels can be secured against spontaneous motion of the box.

The box is designed to provide for fixing the animals in the box from both sides and from behind, but also from the top as required based on the size of the animal, for which individual positions are fixed safely. The front part of the pen can be opened to the side and is fitted with a feeding trough. The trough is made from polypropylene and can be positioned as either open or closed, with both these positions safely fixated.

The box bottom is made of plastic grating with two underneath retainers made from polypropylene, one for urine and the other for slurry. The retainers can be moved longwise of the box to adjust to the size of the animal.

Průkaz způsobilosti - žárové zinkování

Průkaz způsobilosti - žárové zinkování
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